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April 2, 2020

DPCM april, 1 2020

Communication to employees, collaborators, customers and suppliers

In compliance with the new Prime Minister's Decree, we inform you that Gandini Industria and Gandini Fasteners will resume activities on Tuesday 14 April.

We assure employees, customers, suppliers and collaborators that in the meantime the property, in concert with management and also thanks to part of the staff who continues to work remotely, is managing this health emergency and, despite the closure, has taken steps to:


- ensure payment of salaries for the month of March

- supply the protective devices that will be necessary for the resumption of activities: masks, infrared thermometers for detecting body temperature, gloves and sanitizing gels

- communicate to the prefectures of competence the need to resume business at least to fulfill urgent orders from companies belonging to the essential production chains

In the meantime, the cleaning and sanitizing operations of the environments of the various offices (offices, changing rooms, canteens, common parts, warehouses, etc.) have been started, following the lines of the protocol dated 14/03/2020 and circular no. 5443 of 22 February 2020 of the Ministry of Health for the contrast and containment of the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the workplace.

We are also progressively reactivating the essential, urgent and indifferent functions and in any case preparatory to the reopening and safety of EDP systems and services as well as financial, administrative and logistic services.

The previously existing security measures are confirmed, in particular:
- minimum safety distance between operators
- new provisions for access to changing rooms and canteens
- use of individual protection devices
as well as all the preventive actions provided for by our Company Protocol, constantly updated, for the safety and containment of the infection.


September 16, 2020
Extension of the range of Stainless Steel Rings

May 1, 2020
Dedicated to our workers
1970: a video on the first metalworking factories in valbrona

April 2, 2020
DPCM april, 1 2020
Communication to employees, collaborators, customers and suppliers

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....thousands of articles on line, ready to deliver....
Seeger rings,<br> 
retaining rings,<br>
shim rings,<br>
pliers and tools Smalley® Spiral retaining rings and wave springs Smalley® Spiral retaining rings Christian Bauer disc springs - DIN 2093<br>
ball bearing disc springs,<br>
slotted and plain Disc springs Washers Spring pins and coiled pins,<br>
tension bushes,<br>
compression limiter Cylindrical,<br>
taper and grooved pins Stud bolts
Custom machining work Keys, <br>
key steels Ground flat stock and
silver steel ground bars Lock nuts, washers,<br>
adapter sleeves, <br>
adjusting rings,<br>
hook wrenches Metallic screws and nuts MINIPLAST: technical plastic and metal parts MINIPLAST: plastic plugs, caps and components
MINIPLAST: plastic screws, nuts, washers and spacers MINIPLAST: plastic clamps, hand wheels Couplings, supergrip bolts, bushings, hydraulic rings and nuts <b>Special net prices promos </b> subject to time limit
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